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Portable Printer Industry Analysis

Gave birth to a portable printer market demand: the demand for print products over time is rising, primitive stage, people printer request is printed quickly, good quality point, however, technical progress and the reality needs to make the above requirements is no longer strong, the current printer quality has been very good, space development has not too much, the print speed has also been a great leap forward, so people began pondering other needs, such as portable printing ?? Portable print printer has two main demands, one is mobility, is a compact, in the final analysis is the need for "small" printer, get rid of the bulky shape to portable mobile. Now, with the development of mobile office, market a variety of office printing equipment is equipped with features and more user-friendly and comprehensive, "dapper" products applied to areas more extensive, year-round for those who work outside the home is no exception , so more and more portable printer industry attention.

Prospects portable printers presentation: portable printer as a new product is in the development stage, a lot of technology and functionality are at the exploratory stage, and this development will continue for a relatively long period of time, the current market situation is still far from reach market maturity ?? Mainly in the following areas: portable printer printout movement is the core component is the cost of the highest technical content is relatively high, the manufacturing process requires very complex critical components. At present, the domestic brand portable printer uses the movement of overseas procurement, movement procurement cost is a key factor affecting the cost of their products. Have key cost control capability, with or without movement of the portable printer local production capacity will be about the development of Chinese portable printer, which is a key competitive factor portable printer industry.

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