Simple Image Print SDK

The interface of the pure picture printing development kit is simple.
text bar codes and QR codes are directly drawn on the picture, and the whole picture is printed.
Novices can get started quickly by using the development kit.

Android SDK: caprint_android_as_20220801.rar
Android Demo Video: Demo Video
Android Demo Video(USB) Demo Video(USB)
IOS SDK: caprint_ios_xcode_20220523.rar
IOS Demo Video: Demo Video

AutoReplyPrint SDK

Run the test program first, No problem at all, just start to look at the development kit.
If there is any problem in the test, solve the problem first.

See the sdk description: 01_See_the_sdk_description_en.txt
windows c++ sdk: windows_vs_cpp_20210909.rar
windows c# sdk: windows_csharp_20210909.rar
windows java sdk: windows_java_20210909.rar
windows qt sdk: windows_qt_20210909.rar
linux desktop sdk: linux_make_desktop_20210909.rar
macos sdk: macos_xcode_objectc_20210909.rar
android sdk: android_as_20220729.rar
ios oc sdk: ios_xcode_objectc_20210909.rar
ios swift sdk: ios_xcode_swift_20210909.rar